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Israeli Embassy says bipartisan support ‘paramount’

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Bipartisan U.S. support is a “paramount” Israeli interest, the Israeli Embassy said in response to a pro-Romney ad that shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning about Iran.

“The support that Israel receives from both sides of the American political aisle is a paramount national interest,” the embassy said in response to a request for comment on the ad.

The ad uses a clip from a news conference Netanyahu delivered on Sept. 11. His remarks that day were seen as aimed against the Obama administration.

Secure America Now, a Republican  political action committee, is paying for the ad, which is airing in South Florida and other swing states with large Jewish populations.

Since the news conference, Netanyahu has said he does not intend to insert himself into the presidential race. — jta


Posted by Janice
10/03/2012  at  12:04 AM
This is too much

How long is the US going to let Israel run our policy in the Middle East? We went into a war in Iraq after the necons pushed us into it. Thousands of Americans were killed or maimed and billions of dollars came out of our treasury for this horrible war.

Now Israel wants to push us into a war against Iran. For more than 20 years Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders have been warning that it was only going to be a few years until Iran had THE BOMB. Well, Bibi, those years have gone by and there is no bomb. Israel needs a supposed threat just to take people’s minds off what they are doing to the Palestinians.

Were it not for Iran, Israel would have to invent a new “enemy,” We should let Israel go on its own and if there are reprisals from a possible Israeli attack on Iran the US should stay out of it completely. The American people do not want another war and the American people come first.

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