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Mossad failed to warn about ’73 war

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The Mossad failed to pass on warnings by credible sources that Egypt would strike Israel in 1973, newly declassified Israeli documents show.

The documents — minutes of the Agranat Commission of Inquiry into the circumstances of the 1973 Yom Kippur War — quote an official of Israel’s external intelligence agency as testifying that the warnings had reached Mossad five days before the attack.

Under the guise of military training, large Egyptian and Syrian forces amassed along the borders and then invaded Israeli-held territory in a surprise attack on Oct. 6. Israeli forces suffered 2,222 fatalities.

Ashraf Marwan, a Mossad agent and the chief-of-staff of the late Egyptian president Anwar Sadat, told his Mossad handler on Oct. 4, 1973 that Egypt’s army would use a military exercise to launch a surprise attack in the near future.

Upon receiving the report, Alfred Eini, then Mossad deputy director, called his boss, Tzvi Zamir, late at night.

Eini testified before the Agranat Commission that Zamir “was half asleep and did not understand the content of the report.” The Mossad did not alert the Prime Minister’s Office. — jta


Posted by Jack Kessler
09/28/2012  at  01:28 PM
the usual conspiracy theories

President Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor in advance.  President Bush planned 9/11.  The Mossad knew about the Yom Kippur attack.

The fact is that intelligence services gather vast amounts of information.  The problem is sifting through it and deciding what is relevant and what it is relevant to.  Then one has to consider whether it is credible.  The world is full of liars and fools.  Worse it is full of other intelligence services deliberately planting disinformation to lull or distract their opponents.

Only in hindsight are these information trails clear and understandable. 

The fundamental basis of conspiracy theories is denial.  Conspiracy theorists forever make up theories that conveniently avoid their having to give up fervently held world-views proven false by events. 

Leftists didn’t have to give up the notion that America was imperialist and the Japanese Empire, because non-white, could not be at fault for Pearl Harbor.  Leftists didn’t have to give up the notion that America is an imperialist aggressor and the Islamists are innocent victims after 9/11.  Here Arab apologists can make the Arab sneak attack on Yom Kippur 1973 to somehow be Mossad’s fault rather than the aggression of Arab governments.

But the facts are otherwise.  Subsequent events showed that the US and Israel were woefully unprepared for Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the Yom Kippur War.  Had their governments known about the attacks in advance they would have been better prepared and they weren’t.

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