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Romney blasts Obama on Iran, Israel

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President Barack Obama’s approach to Iran has made Americans “less secure,” Mitt Romney said in his speech accepting the Republican presidential nomination.

“Every American was relieved the day President Obama gave the order, and Seal Team Six took out Osama bin Laden,” Romney said Aug. 30 at the Republican National Convention. “On another front, every American is less secure today because he has failed to slow Iran’s nuclear threat.”

He criticized Obama’s strategy of diplomatic engagement with Iran and accused Obama of having “thrown allies like Israel under the bus,” echoing language he had previously used in criticizing the president’s approach to the Jewish state. — jta


Posted by dregstudios
09/06/2012  at  03:28 PM
Completely Out of Touch

Romney should be more knowledgeable of foreign policy since he knows every corner of the world he can hide his money!  He’s already has international financial ties which run all the way from Switzerland to the Cayman Islands.  Never mind that he’s never been involved with politics outside of the US- only his millions of dollars have.  Read about the role of Mitt’s money and his Magic Mormon Underwear are playing in the polls at where you can see for yourself the true power of both on display in full color!

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Posted by rocky
09/08/2012  at  07:41 AM
Killing Off the American Dream

The Bush administration inflicted substantial economic damage to ten of millions of American households. Maybe it wasn’t all his fault, but he did cut taxes, engage the country in two Middle East wars and promote the worst aspects of cowboy capitalism. Another war in the Middle East paid for by more borrowing and printing money should just about finish the country off. It won’t be good for the Jews. If the American Republic fails, Israel will go down soon after. 

In this closely contested election, Jewish Republicans have have the ability to heavily influence the outcome, not by their small number of votes, but by their massive campaign contributions. Sheldon Adelson has already earned himself a footnote in American history with his attempts to buy the election for the Republican party.

Be careful what you wish for. Even if you get it, you might not like it.

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Posted by Frank
09/09/2012  at  11:37 AM
The future of the Jewish people hangs in the balance

Obama’s enmity towards Israel is blatant, open and obvious (as was that of the Democrat delegates at their convention on the subject of Jerusalem).  While the Obama’s “progressive” supporters seek to sway Jews, Jewish conservatives (the Emergency Committee for Israel) has made the case against American Jews supporting Obama because of his enmity to Israel:

If Obama is re-elected, American Jews will be of no further use to him, and he will therefore finally be free to entirely abandon any American political, military or diplomatic support of Israel, and allow Iran its nukes.

Through numerous surrogates, Obama has repeatedly made it clear that he opposes any military action to prevent Iran’s impending nuclear weapons.  His administration has also revealed Israel’s clandestine efforts and secret plans to deal with Iran, while engaging in weak, self-defeating and phony “sanctions” to run out the clock until after the election. 

Israel is reportedly at its “wits end” with Obama’s response to Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and does not believe Obama will use military action to prevent it, even if it is rhetorically “on the table”.

Israel needs to prevent Iran before it achieves nuclear weapons “capability” (a policy supported by Romney). Obama is only (possibly) willing to act to prevent Iran actually obtaining a nuclear weapon.  The difference sounds rhetorical, but it is huge and real.  Allowing Iran to become capable of assembling and arming a nuclear weapon, and then waiting to act until Iran acts to quickly assemble it, is too late.  Iran may easily complete its bomb before it is detected.  Once Iran demonstrates its first nuke, Obama will happily attempt to “negotiate” with Iran, having been relieved of the duty to act.  On the other hand, the first notice of a completed Iranian bomb may be a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv.

Now is a fateful moment for the Jewish people.  Our future hangs in the balance.  The American Jews who will blindly vote for Obama are lost to the Jewish people.  So the question is:  Are the only remaining Democratic Jews in America who are still capable of intelligent independent thought willing to entrust the survival of the Jewish State of Israel and the future of Jews everywhere to Barak Hussein Obama?

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