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Pro-Israel poster defaced in BART station

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A pro-Israel poster placed in the Civic Center BART station by the Israel advocacy organization StandWithUs was defaced by vandals last month.

Vandalized sign in Civic Center BART station
Vandalized sign in Civic Center BART station
The poster, which touts the work of Israelis on treating AIDS, was papered over to attack alleged Israeli apartheid. The original poster read, “Israeli-Developed AIDS Treatment: Targets HIV Without Affecting Healthy Cells. Israel Saves Lives.”

The papered-over poster read, “Israel-Developed Apartheid: Targets Homes Without Affecting Profits. Israel Destroys Lives.”

The vandalized poster was quickly replaced, said Mike Harris of StandWithUs/San Francisco Voice for Israel, noting that the poster ad campaign was slated to run until Friday, Aug. 17.

Roz Rothstein, the co-founder and CEO of StandWithUs, said that her organization has placed ads only in response to those placed by anti-Israel groups.

“While freedom of speech is one of the foundations of American public life, we agree that the public would be better served if the Middle East conflict were kept off transit ads,” she noted. “StandWithUs has found it necessary to respond to false and misleading transit ad campaigns initiated by anti-Israel groups in the Bay Area, in Washington, D.C. and in New York, in Denver and Houston. We would welcome a decision by transportation agencies to reassess their advertising policies to disallow political debates so that public transit can be a more relaxing, safe space for everyone.”


Posted by Michael Harris
08/16/2012  at  08:20 PM
Afraid of open debate?

Anyone who defaces our posters is afraid of free speech and afraid of
our message.  It’s not only malicious, it’s also rather childish.
Nothing in our ads can be remotely considered to be hate speech.
Vandalization of our posters is just another instance of muzzling open debate.

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Posted by sol rosenberg
08/16/2012  at  09:46 PM
The anti-Israel "liberals" are whining again because . . .

they can’t have any posters made up of technological and medical achievements made by Israel’s enemies. that’s because all of Israel’s enemies give the world nothing but jihad while at the same time oppress those they rule over as seen in syria, iran, gaza and pretty much every corner of the muslim world. meanwhile, useful idiots in the West who fancy themselves as “progressives, liberals and humanitarians” keep pulling crap like this. truly a pathetic lot. by the way Sacramento and Ashkelon are now sister cities, you lose again!

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