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Carter to address Dem convention

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Former President Jimmy Carter, who has garnered much criticism in recent years for his harsh words about Israel, will address the Democratic National Convention in prime time.

The Democratic National Convention Committee and Obama for America announced that Carter will speak Sept. 4 via video on the second day of the convention in Charlotte, N.C. .

“President Carter is one of the greatest humanitarian leaders of our time and a champion of democracy around the globe,” said convention chair Antonio Villaraigosa.

Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, sharply criticized the invitation, saying,  “I don’t think the convention should provide a platform for someone with such a biased obsession with Israel that borders on anti-Semitism.”

“Whether it’s Israel in particular or the Middle East in general, President Carter’s analysis has been consistently wrong, and harmful to the peace process to boot,” said David Harris, the president of the National Jewish Democratic Council.

Prime-time speakers at the convention include first lady Michelle Obama and the keynote speaker, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who will also speak on Sept. 4 at Time Warner Cable Arena. — jta


Posted by Jack Kessler
08/17/2012  at  03:46 PM
"I'll never lie to you"

Really, Jimmy?  Never?

If we ask you who is paying 89% of the budget of the Carter Center, will you admit it is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?  If they are paying the piper, if we ask who is calling your tune, will you admit it is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? 

If we ask why you declared that Israel practiced apartheid in the face of overwhelming evidence that it did not, will you admit that it was a combination of Saudi money and your own cracker racism?  When you were forced to retract your slur on Israel, can you explain why you didn’t have the common decency to apologize?

If we ask if you have even the slightest credibility left, will you admit that you have none?  Will you admit that in your dotage you are a disgrace even to your failed presidency?

Come on, Jimmy, don’t lie to us.  Tell us the truth.

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