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Bipartisan group expresses ‘deep concern’ over German circumcision ban

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A bipartisan group of 20 members of Congress sent a letter to the German government expressing “deep concern” over a recent German district court decision to effectively ban circumcision of young boys.

U.S. Reps. Howard Berman (D-Calif.), Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) and Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) wrote the letter, which was addressed to Peter Ammon, the German ambassador to the United States.

The District Court of Cologne ruled in June that the right of a child to be protected from bodily harm took precedence over the interests of the parents or religious freedom. Accordingly, the court said, the circumcision of a minor for non-medical reasons could be considered a criminal act.

The letter, sent last week, called the court decision “an affront to religious freedom.” It  “applauded the strong opposition voiced by Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle” and called on them to pass legislation that would safeguard religious freedom. — jta


Posted by TLCTugger
08/16/2012  at  08:28 PM
Whose religious freedom is at stake?

Americans “called on {Germans} to pass legislation that would safeguard religious freedom.” 

But Germany has moved in just that direction.  Forced circumcision affects exactly one person (at least until a male is old enough to be intimate with a partner).  That affected party has religious freedom, including the right to be like half the Jews in Sweden and 3% of American and Israeli Jews, who do not circumcise. 

Just think about how a law granting a religious exemption to forcible amputation would read: “Everyone has a basic human right to be secure in their person and protected from forced non-therapeutic amputations - EXCEPT babies in Jewish or Muslim families.” 

Sounds quite anti-semitic to me.

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Posted by MisterEquality
08/18/2012  at  06:39 AM
You are right, however it

You are right, however it would read:“Everyone has a basic human right to be secure in their person and protected from forced non-therapeutic - except MALE babies in Jewish or Muslim families.”

it’s not only anti semetic to those children who don’t want that forced on them, but also highly sexist as well.

as long as Jews continue to blindly support a sexist, sadomasochistic and ultimately pedophilic ritual and use the “freedom of religion” argument, we will constantly be a step behind the rest. Speaking as a Jew, it makes no sense to me that of all the things in the world to fight for, harming and sexually abusing your children (metzah p’tah anyone?) is the one thing our people choose.

Right, it’s my religious right to cut a part of someone else’s penis off. Makes sense. Most people say that this is a cornerstone of the Jewish faith. B.S. There are lots of things Jews do today that is bad: I.e. Eat pork, work on the sabbath, etc. Seeing that circumcison was added to the torah 1,000 years after it was written, while the more important, and real values weren’t, proves that circumcision in itself is anti semetic, not those that oppose it.

Besides, if an old book told me I could snip my daughters bits, would we even be having this discussion? Wake up people.

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