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Next ‘flytilla’ to arrive through Jordan


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Four months after the last “flytilla” to Ben Gurion Airport, organizers of the Welcome to Palestine campaign are gearing up for another round of fly-ins, scheduled to take place at the end of this month.

The next round is slated to begin on Aug. 24, and will be different from previous fly-ins, organizers said.

The pro-Palestinian activists’ plan is to fly into the Jordanian capital of Amman mainly from France, but also from other countries. They then plan to tour refugee camps before heading to Allenby Crossing, where they will request to pass into the Palestinian Authority.

“Last time, the Israeli government claimed that we were provocateurs trying to stir up trouble,” said Jack Neno, one of the campaign organizers, “and therefore this time we decided to have the activists enter the Palestinian Authority through the Allenby Crossing — in order to prove that the people only want to come and express solidarity with the Palestinians.” —


Posted by Jack Kessler
08/10/2012  at  02:27 PM
One of the great things about....

having one’s own country is that one does not have to put up with these folks lying to us to our faces in hopes of abusing us in person.

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Posted by theother
08/11/2012  at  10:46 AM

it is very interesting that Israel, and Mr. Kessler, believes that the West Bank is part of Israel. That is where the flytilla activists will be going, after all. Seems we have here yet another declaration that Israel’s sovereignty extends from the river to the sea. If that is the case then we need to make sure that all are treated equally, and have full and equal voice in the future direction of this country.

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Posted by Dan Spitzer
08/12/2012  at  04:00 PM
No Way Israel Admits Those Who Intend to Do It Harm

theother, always a supporter of a one state—end of Israel as a Jewish State—solution, makes statements as absurd as always.

theother, just who do you think you are addressing? Do you really believe anyone on this site takes you seriously? Do you understand that readers at JWeekly are laughing at your inanities?

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Posted by Michael Harris
08/14/2012  at  11:02 PM
It's based on the Oslo Accords

The Oslo agreement signed by Arafat gives Israel the right to control the Allenby Bridge port of entry.  Perhaps the Palestinians would like to negotiate a change to that agreement… no wait, they are the ones refusing to negotiate anything!

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