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N.J. Gov. Christie signs law imposing Iran sanctions

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed into law new sanctions against Iran that prohibit public contracts with any company or person that invests in Iran’s energy and finance sectors.

With Christie’s signature, New Jersey becomes the sixth state after New York, Florida, California, Indiana and Maryland to enact such legislation. The state’s Senate and Assembly approved the bill in June with broad bipartisan support.

The move to impose sanctions follows a July 2010 law signed by President Barack Obama that gives states and local governments the authority to prevent contracting with companies that do business in Iran. — new jersey jewish news


Posted by Frank
08/04/2012  at  04:41 PM
Empty gestures - serving to delay and prevent necessary military action

Obama knows (as do we all) that “sanctions” have done nothing, nor will they do anything (not “one iota”) to slow down Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.

Obama and his proxies (recently again Panetta) have done everything they can, publicly (and reportedly privately), to stop and delay Israel from taking military action to prevent a second Holocaust.  They have publicly warned and intimidated Israel not to take action, publicly leaked secret information alerting Iran to Israel’s possible military options and plans and covert operations, withheld necessary weapons and munitions, after delaying and weakening any possible “sanctions”, and attempted to divert public opinion from supporting the necessary military action - by pretending that their “sanctions” might stop Iran. 

Obama’s phony claim of his “military option” to bomb Iran’s nukes will forever remains “on the table”.  His suggestion that he is willing if necessary to militarily attack Iran’s nukes is an obvious rhetorical ruse.  Are American Jews really so gullible to(again and again) be taken in by these lies?  Obama intends to contrive a way to allow Iran to obtain its nuclear weapons, under some fig-leaf of an “agreement”. 


His strategy is to convince gullible Jews to vote for him, while preventing Israel from taking its own military action before the election - because after the election (if Obama wins) he will have all the “flexibility” he needs to effectively prevent Israel from ever doing so, to prevent a second Holocaust.

If anyone has any doubts about Obama’s duplicity and enmity toward Israel, they should watch this video:

What is now needed is a congressional resolution authorizing the “military option”, (and these “liberal” States voicing their strong support for a prompt U.S. military attack), so that President Romney is assured of support when he actually orders it.

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