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Panetta: Sanctions hurting but not stopping Iran

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Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that although tough international sanctions have not yet caused Iran to drop its nuclear ambitions, they would eventually persuade the regime to “do what’s right.”

Speaking July 30 in Tunisia, Panetta said the sanctions have caused significant damage to Iran’s economy, according to the Associated Press. Panetta was on his way to Tel Aviv to meet with Israeli leaders Aug. 1.

As Iran’s alleged quest for a nuclear weapon continues, Israel’s leadership has raised the possibility of striking Iran’s nuclear facilities, a move the Obama administration has argued is premature. The administration has, however, repeatedly declared that “all options” are on the table.

How to deal with Iran’s nuclear program has been a central foreign policy issue of the presidential campaign. — jta


Posted by Frank
08/04/2012  at  06:25 AM
How gullible or unconcerned are American Jews?

Panetta and Obama know that the “sanctions” have done nothing, nor will they do anything (not “one iota”) to slow down Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.

Obama and his proxies have done everything they can, publicly (and reportedly privately), to stop and delay Israel from taking military action to prevent a second Holocaust.  They have publicly warned and intimidated Israel to not take action, have publicly leaked secret information alerting Iran to possible military options and contingency plans, and covert operations, have withheld necessary weapons and munitions, after delaying and weakening any possible “sanctions” - attempted to divert public opinion away from supporting the necessary military action by pretending that their “sanctions” might stop Iran, and made a big public show of providing some obviously insufficient military aid to Israel. 
Obviously, Obama will never use his claimed phony “military option” to bomb Iran’s nukes, which will forever remains “on the table”.  His suggestion that he is willing if necessary to militarily attack Iran’s nukes is an obvious rhetorical ruse.  Are American Jews really so gullible (again and again) to be taken in by these lies?  Obama intends to contrive a way to allow Iran to obtain its nuclear weapons, under some fig-leaf of an “agreement”.  His strategy is to prevent Israel from taking its own military action before the election - because after the election, if Obama wins, he will have all the “flexibility” he needs to effectively prevent Israel from ever doing so. 
Since being elected, Obama has already repeatedly blatantly proven himself to be the most anti-Israel president in history.  With the coming election behind him he will have no further need to solicit the Jewish (or anyone else’s) vote.  Obama has repeatedly proven himself willing to throw even those closest to him (even his Grandmother) “under the bus”.  If re-elected he will have no compunction to fully and finally throw Israel, and American Jews who had any faith in him, under that same bus. 
As the saying goes, “fool me once …”.  We are now past counting.

If anyone has any doubts about Obama’s duplicity and enmity toward Israel, they should watch this video:

Romney is a true friend of Israel.  This is a time of existential crisis in Jewish history.  “Never again”?

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Posted by Frank
08/04/2012  at  06:32 AM
The video worth watching

If you have forgotten Obama’s mistreatment of Israel and reversal of American foreign policy concerning Israel over the last 3 1/2 years ...

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