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Olmert has no plans to re-enter politics

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Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, following his acquittal on the most serious corruption charges, said he does not intend to return to politics.

Olmert, speaking July 12 at a conference in Tel Aviv two days after he was acquitted on corruption charges that prompted his resignation from office four years ago, also said that he would remain a member of the Kadima party.

“I want to calm down anyone who is worried — I have no intention of re-entering politics,” Olmert reportedly said at a conference of the Institute for National Security Studies.

The Jerusalem District Court acquitted Olmert on charges of fraud, breach of trust, tax evasion and falsifying corporate records in what became known as the Talansky and Rishon Tours affairs. He was found guilty on a lesser charge of breach of trust in the Investment Center case, in which he was accused of granting personal favors while he was Israel’s trade minister. — jta


Posted by Sam Liron
07/20/2012  at  11:36 PM
Olmert's acquittal

Reading the above article one may believe Mr. Olmert is an innocent lamb, and the prosecutors trumped up the charges… This is far from a fair presentation, he was found guilty of one count ‘breach of Trust’, which is quite severe for an official in a PM level. Not to mention that his secretary took the fall for him on the double billing fraud charge. I guess she fabricated the expense reports, got the receipts in the dump, and pocketed the money….LoL. The most incredible item is the presiding judge statement that claimed ‘the fact the envelopes stuffed with cash were exchange between Talansky and Olmert, is not an indication of bribing…, that a novel inference.
Give me a break, it looks as if regardless of the country, people in high-places do get special treatment….

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