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Romney to Jewish donors: ‘I get Israeli briefings’

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Mitt Romney told donors attending his campaign’s Utah retreat that he is briefed on the Middle East by Israeli government officials.

About 50 of the 700 donors who attended the retreat in Park City were Jewish, according to one in attendance.

Romney dropped in on a June 22 session and said he had just been briefed by the Israeli ambassador, Michael Oren, speaking about the situation in Syria, the elections in Egypt and the effort to isolate Iran, among other issues.

Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, said he has such conversations with Israeli officials to keep up to date on the region.

Such briefings are not unusual once it becomes clear who the major party candidates are.

To attend the retreat, donors either had to have donated $50,000 to the campaign or raised $250,000. — jta


Posted by dregstudios
06/28/2012  at  05:46 PM
Out of Touch

Mitt Romney’s Magic Mormon Underwear protects him from the evils of the world including socialism, illegal immigrants, homosexuals and taxes on his inherited wealth.  Can these sacred garments also make it rain down enough cash for a victory in this race since well over 90% of public offices are bought in our country by Big Money?  Drop by to discuss these mysterious tighty whities and the role of money in politics at

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Posted by Jack Kessler
06/29/2012  at  10:22 AM
I would love to believe Romney but....

Mr. Etch-a-Sketch vs. Mr. More-Flexibility-After-the-Election is not much of a choice.

The resume of each is that they consider campaign promises to be empty noises to fool the voters.

The record of each is that Obama claims to be pro-Israel but isn’t.  Romney’s record is that he supports whoever has the most money and that is the Saudis and oil sheikdoms every time.

Neither of these scumbags is to be believed.

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Posted by Frank
07/01/2012  at  01:34 PM
Where is JWeekly's anti-defamation policy?

“J” claims not to “tolerate” the denigration of any religion.  The outrageous mocking and defamation of Mormons - “Magic Mormon Underwear”, above - is evil bigotry.  Yet the anti-Mormon slur remains after 4 days, and the extreme leftist hate-monger is allowed to continue posting.

With reference to the post which follows:  A vote for Obama is a vote against Israel and for an Iranian nuclear weapon.  Romney is our only hope. This is not a partisan issue, it is an existential one.  This is a moment of crisis in Jewish history, and every American Jew will have to live with the decisions they make.

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