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Israel deports South Sudanese

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Israel deported 150 more migrants from South Sudan.

A plane carrying the African migrants, whom Israel calls illegal infiltrators, left Israel for South Sudan on June 25. Some 120 South Sudanese migrants had left Israel the previous week.

The migrants reportedly are leaving voluntarily in exchange for a cash grant and a flight home. Migrants who do not leave voluntarily will be imprisoned, according to reports.

Israel rounded up dozens of South Sudanese this month in immigration control sweeps.

More than 1,500 South Sudanese migrants are living in Israel, according to estimates. Some 600 reportedly have signed statements saying they are willing to be repatriated to South Sudan.

Violence against African migrants has increased in Israel in recent weeks. — jta


Posted by Jack Kessler
06/29/2012  at  10:41 AM
Whose problem?

I am sure the problems of South Sudan and the South Sudanese are great.  But it is not clear at all how those are Israel’s problems, rather than the world’s at large. 

If anyone is responsible it is the great powers in general and the UN in particular, not Israel.

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