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Hassidic cadet says NYPD fired him over beard length

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A Hassidic police cadet said he was fired from the New York Police Department because he would not trim his beard.

Fishel Litzman, who was a month away from graduating from the Police Academy, said it would violate his religious beliefs to trim his beard to the 1 millimeter length allowed by the NYPD, the New York Daily News reported.

Litzman, 38, of Monsey, N.Y., told the Daily News that his dismissal papers did not give a reason for his dismissal on June 7. The newspaper reported that Litzman received test scores of 99, 100 and 96, but was cited constantly for failing to maintain his personal appearance.

Litzman has retained attorney Nathan Lewin, who has won permission for observant Jews in the Army and Air Force to maintain their beards while serving. — jta


Posted by philkane
06/21/2012  at  08:25 AM
Beard Length

One millimeter?  That’s not a beard, that’s “Five O’Clock Shadow”.

I broke the barrier with the Federal law enforcement agency where I spent my career by growing a mustache, then a goatee, then a trim beard - and that was in the early 1970s.  The sky didn’t fall in, the roof didn’t fall in, nothing happened (to quote the late Justice Thurgood Marshall, my virtual mentor).

A tempest in a razor-blade.

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