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Denmark follows South Africa in allowing special labels for settlement goods

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Denmark’s foreign minister said he plans to allow supermarkets to place a special label on goods originating from West Bank settlements.

The announcement by Villy Sovndal comes less than a week after a similar initiative in South Africa, where the Department of Trade and Industry announced that products originating from Palestinian-controlled areas of the West Bank will be labeled as such, and not as Israeli products.

South African Trade Minister Rob Davies declared that consumers should not be misled into believing that products originating from what is termed the OPT, or Occupied Palestinian Territories, are products originating from Israel. Davies specified in his notice such “misleading labeled products” as “Ahava products, and other cosmetic brands, technology and soft drinks.”

The Palestinian group Open Shuhada Street has been campaigning in South Africa for several months against products manufactured in Israeli settlements. The campaign specifically targets Dead Sea beauty products made in Kibbutz Mitzpeh Shalem, which is located about a mile west of the Dead Sea in the eastern West Bank.

The decision is set to take effect on July 1. — jta


Posted by Holger Danske
05/24/2012  at  02:00 PM
We will support Israel

I will make a point of buying those Isreaeli products. I am sure very many good Danes will do the same. Please believe me when I say we are not all closet Muslims like the so-called socialist Mr Sovndal and his criminal government.

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