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Ford Foundation gives ADL $500,000

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The Ford Foundation has awarded a $500,000 grant to the Anti-Defamation League to support research on anti-immigrant groups and continue anti-bias training for educators.

The grant will enable ADL’s Center on Extremism to expand its efforts to gather, analyze and circulate information related to local and national anti-immigrant groups and activists across the United States. It also will allow ADL to expose the crossover between the mainstream and extremist elements of the anti-immigration movement in the U.S., according to an ADL statement.

Through the same grant, the foundation also renewed its funding support of ADL’s Making Diversity Count, an online professional development program designed to help educators promote diversity and respect for all students, as well as to combat bullying.

“We are so very proud to count the Ford Foundation among our closest partners in our vital work to seek justice and fair treatment for all and to further democratic values,” said Abraham Foxman, ADL’s national director. — jta


Posted by Frank
05/18/2012  at  12:42 AM
Not much of a fig leaf

The Ford Foundation (true to its origins) has been one of world’s largest funders of virulently anti-Semitic and anti-Israel NGO’s.  It was repeatedly outed by NGO Monitor and the American Jewish Congress.  As an example, it partnered with the virulently anti-Israel New Israel Fund (NIF) with over $40 million support in turn funneled to a myriad of extreme leftist and arab anti-Israel organizations.
Ford was investigated by Congress for its outrageous conduct, which investigated the legality of the tax-exempt status of those extremist groups.  Under pressure Ford allegedly modified its behavior.  It attempted to placate some of the outrage with some relatively small donations to the ADL, but continued to fund anti-Israel organizations calling for “BDS” and “anti-Apartheid” propaganda attacks on Israel.
General info:
Congressional investigation:
More funding:
Further update on NIF:
One also has to question the willingness of ADL’s Foxman to accept this money.  ADL has for some time demonstrated an unfortunate hard-left partisan tilt criticized by pro-Israel Jews as attacking Christian supporters of Israel and attempting to prevent, and demonize the criticism of Obama and his anti-Israel policies.
ADL’s partnering with the Ford Foundation is therefore even more troubling.

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