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Millions allocated to settlements


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The Knesset’s Finance Committee approved the allocation of $12 million to the Jewish Agency’s division for West Bank settlements. About one-third will be used to compensate residents evacuated from the Migron outpost.

The budget was approved unanimously in the absence of any opposition representatives.

Knesset member and Meretz chair Zahava Gal-On, who did not attend the meeting, slammed the decision.

“As state budgets face lateral cuts and welfare services collapse, the settlers get free access to the Treasury’s funds as millions are weekly extorted at the Knesset,” she said. —


Posted by Jack Kessler
05/17/2012  at  10:09 PM
What is Israel?

Israel is a collection of settlements, from Eilat to Metullah.  Some were established before 1967, some after.  Those settlements that were in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) prior to 1967 were destroyed and their inhabitants driven out by the Arabs.  Arab complaints about the reconstruction of these settlements is complete hypocrisy.

The location of “new” towns in Judea and Samaria is driven by archaeology.  For instance the lovely little village of Gibyon Hadash (New Gibeon) is as close as practical to the archaeological site of the ancient Gibeon, the hometown of King Saul.  Modern Israel is literally the reconstruction of ancient Israel.

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Posted by Frank
05/17/2012  at  10:28 PM
Suggestion to JWeekly

Hire Jack Kessler as your copy editor.

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Posted by Joel Rubinstein
05/20/2012  at  06:59 PM
Modern Israel is not literally the recreation of Ancient Israel

Jack, you’re right that some settlements are constructed at the sites of villages and towns of ancient Israel, but many others are not. Many settlements encroach on lands that members of another people have farmed for centuries.

The Supreme Court of Israel has ordered Israel to return some settlement lands to the Palestinians, but the government of Israel has not fully complied.

Modern Israel is not, as you put it, “literally the reconstruction of ancient Israel.” If that were true, Israel would be a kingdom, the temple would be rebuilt, animal sacrifice would be practiced, and the Kohen Gadol would enter the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur to utter the otherwise ineffable name of G-d. None of this is true. Israel has ancient roots, but it is a modern, urbanized, professionalized nation in which David and Solomon would be utterly lost.

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