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MK Yael Dayan hit by hot tea

by JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Labor Knesset member Yael Dayan suffered burns on her face and chest after a religious Jew threw a cup of tea, The incident occurred Tuesday when Dayan arrived at the Tomb of the Patriarchs with other members of the Knesset committee on th

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Television crews covering the tour taped the attack.

The assailant, identified as Yisrael Lederman, 60, a religious resident of Jerusalem, escaped.

Police said he slipped out of the Hebron police station after being taken there by soldiers.

After the incident, right-wing demonstrators kept crowding around the left-wing legislators.

"Now it was tea, but it could have been acid, or a bullet," Dayan said, before turning to the protesters.

"Shame on you, it's only one year since [Prime Minister Yitzhak] Rabin was killed," she told the protesters.

Dayan continued the tour with her colleagues, meeting with Palestinian officials and female activists in Hebron.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu phoned Dayan to express shock at the attack.

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