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Celebrity Jews

by nate bloom

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Photographer gets filmed

Now shooting in New York is "Fur," a biopic on the life of famous Jewish photographer Diane Arbus, who died in 1971 and was the subject of a major 2003 exhibit at San Francisco's MOMA. (The title almost certainly comes from the fact that Arbus' parents became wealthy selling fur coats.)

Starring as Arbus is Nicole Kidman, a self-proclaimed Arbus fan. No doubt, without a big name like Kidman, this "small film," as Kidman herself calls it, wouldn't have been made.

Ty Burrell plays Allan Arbus, who was married to Diane from 1941 until they separated in 1959. Allan Arbus, who began as a photographer, went on to some fame as an actor, playing Dr. Sidney Friedman in "MASH."

TV gets bookish

No doubt, curiosity will cause many of you to tune into bombshell Pamela Anderson's new series, "Stacked," which premiered a few weeks ago on Fox. Pam plays a ditzy blonde who takes a job in a bookstore to meet a higher class of guys.

Playing Anderson's boss is Elon Gold ("The In-Laws"), while Tony-winner Marissa Jaret Winokur ("Hairspray") has her first regular TV role as a wisecracking barista at the bookstore's cafe.

Rockin' Eretz Israel

The Rolling Stones announced that they are going to play Israel during their 2006 World Tour.

Meanwhile, other big name acts now say they will tour Israel — some noting that the recent truce has made it much easier for them to get tour insurance — something most major acts consider a necessity.

Israelis can look forward to a July visit from the popular German band The Scorpions, while singer Phil Collins will arrive this November. By the way, there's a nasty rumor on the Internet that Collins gave money to the PLO and/or made anti-Jewish remarks. In short, this rumor is completely false and Collins, when contacted, was shocked and vehemently denied the stories.

Sweet tale

Jerry Seinfeld is now making an animated film called "Bee Movie," which he co-wrote. Seinfeld is the voice of a bee upset that his only job choice is making honey. Along the way, the bee discovers that humans are eating a lot of honey and he sues our species for noshing on all his work. Alan Arkin and Tim Blake Nelson co-star.

More of the Force

On May 12, Star Wars creator George Lucas appears as himself on the hit TV show "The O.C." The show has O.C. star Adam Brody (Seth Cohen) writing a graphic novel that Lucas sees and likes. Lucas invites Brody to have dinner with him to discuss the book, but the dinner is the same night as Brody's prom. What's a teen to do?

Meanwhile, former Star Wars princess Carrie Fisher says that she's writing a "tell all" book about the making of the Star Wars pictures she was in and it will be based on diaries she kept as the films were being made. While declining to get into specifics, Fisher said that the book will be "riveting."

On top of this, Lucas told a Star Wars convention that a Star Wars TV show is in the works. We hope that Lucas will stick to his pattern of giving the Star Wars princess roles to Jewish women (i.e., Fisher and Natalie Portman). After all the stupid Jewish princess jokes Jewish women put up with, they are at least entitled to the inside track on sci-fi princess roles.

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