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JERUSALEM (JPS) -- Daylight savings time began last Friday in Israel.

This year, it will last 191 days, ending Oct. 22. With the time change, Israel is once again 10 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time.

King Abdullah plans first visit to Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Jordan's King Abdullah is scheduled to make his first visit to Israel on Sunday, when he plans to sail his yacht from Aqaba to nearby Eilat.

During his stay, Abdullah will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak to discuss the peace process.

Katyushas land in northwest Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Hezbollah gunmen fired a half-dozen Katyusha rockets into northwestern Israel on Tuesday.

Several residents of farming villages went into shock when the rockets landed near their homes, according to Israeli officials, but there were no reports of casualties.

Lebanese prisoners may still be freed

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Israel's security cabinet decided Tuesday it would abide by a Supreme Court order and free 13 Lebanese detainees who have been held without trial as bargaining chips for missing soldiers.

At the same time, the cabinet announced that two Shi'ite fundamentalist leaders, Sheik Abdel Karim Obeid and Mustafa Dirani, would remain behind bars.

The cabinet ministers also decided to initiate legislation that would give the government a legal right to hold future detainees, which it called "illegal fighters," as bargaining chips.

Golan residents offer haven to SLA fighters

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Residents of the Golan Heights proposed that a settlement be established for members of the South Lebanon Army and their families following an Israeli troop withdrawal from southern Lebanon.

The head of the Golan Heights regional council sought help for Israel's longtime allies in Lebanon in a letter to Prime Minister Ehud Barak, according to the Israeli daily Ha'aretz. The proposal came after Barak lifted a building freeze on Golan settlements following the Israeli-Syrian stalemate in talks.

Desalination plant planned for Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- For the first time since the establishment of the state, Israel approved the construction of a desalination plant to alleviate the nation's water shortages.

The plant would cost $150 million and be completed within two years, the Israeli daily Ha'aretz reported this week.

U.N. panel blasts Israeli settlements

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- The United Nations' leading human rights body has criticized Israeli settlement activity and alleged abuses.

Only the United States supported Israel when the U.N. Human Rights Commission voted on three anti-Israel resolutions during a meeting Monday in Geneva. Similar resolutions have been submitted annually with the same result.

Survivors to receive payments from Swiss

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- About 150,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel have received letters informing them that they will soon receive payments from a Swiss fund, Israel Radio reported.

Of the $180 million fund, an estimated $59 million has been allocated for Holocaust survivors in Israel.

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