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b'nai mitzvah

Sadie Lusia Arneson Daughter of Peddie Arneson and Leif Arneson, Saturday, Jan. 21 at Congregation Rodef Sholom in San Rafael.

Ellis Becker-Lipton Son of Marla Becker and Daniel Lipton, Saturday, Jan. 14 at Peninsula Temple Beth El in San Mateo.

Noah Bluestone Son of Steven and Karen Bluestone, Saturday, Jan. 21 at Congregation Rodef Sholom in San Rafael.

Emma Bogomilsky Daughter of Jodie and Alan Bogomilsky, Saturday, Jan. 21 at Congregation Beth Am in Los Altos Hills.

Jeremy Bullis Son of Jessica Davidson and Ken Bullis, Saturday, Jan. 21 at Congregation Kol Emeth in Palo Alto.

Charlie Donald Son of Kelly Kozak and Josh Donald, Saturday, Jan. 21 at Or Shalom Jewish Community in San Francisco.

Jeremy Adam Dove Son of Carrie and Adam Dove, Saturday, Jan. 21 at Temple Sinai in Oakland

Tucker Gold Son of Lesley Gold and Scott Sutherland, Saturday, Jan. 21 at Peninsula Temple Sholom in Burlingame.

Ari Jacobs Son of Alexia and Larry Jacobs, Saturday, Jan. 21 at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette.

Cameron Jacobs Son of Julia Isen and Brad Jacobs, Saturday, Jan. 14 at Congregation Rodef Sholom in San Rafael.

Sasha Lehrer Daughter of Jafi Lipson and Josh Lehrer-Graiwer, Saturday, Jan. 14 at Congregation Beth Am in Los Altos Hills.

Jacob Levin Son of Anita and Aaron Levin, Saturday, Jan. 21 at Peninsula Temple Beth El in San Mateo.

Eliana Levy Daughter of Lisa and Lee Levy, Saturday, Jan. 21 at Congregation Beth Am in Los Altos Hills.

Adam Margulies Son of Joshua Margulies, Saturday, Jan. 14 at Congregation Emanu-El in San Francisco.

Noah Margulies Son of Joshua Margulies, Saturday, Jan. 14 at Congregation Emanu-El in San Francisco.

Jesse Meislich Son of Eve Hinman and Norm Meislich, Saturday, Jan. 14 at Congregation Kol Shofar in Tiburon.

Mitch Moeller Son of Heidi Queen, Saturday, Jan. 14 at Congregation Emanu-El in San Francisco.

Noah Moscovici Son of Ping and Marius Moscovici, Saturday, Jan. 21 at Congregation Emanu-El in San Francisco.

Adam Pantilat Son of Cindy Fenton and Steven Pantilat, Saturday, Jan. 21 at Congregation Emanu-El in San Francisco.

Joshua Sydney Richter Son of Lisa and Jonathan Richter, Saturday, Jan. 14 at Congregation Rodef Sholom in San Rafael.

Rachel Warsaw Daughter of Judith Holiber and Kimberly Warsaw, Saturday, Jan. 14 at Congregation Beth Jacob in Redwood City.

Charlotte Ying Levy Daughter of Helga Ying and Jonah Levy, Saturday, Jan. 14 at Temple Sinai in Oakland.

9-Gdeaths-baccioccoMarion Gleitzman Bacciocco
5/20/1924 – 12/27/2016
Marion was born on May 20, 1924 in Berlin, Germany to the late Max and Lina Gleitzman.  
Max Gleitzman and his brother owned a very successful hosiery wholesale business and along with her younger brother, the late Werner Gleitzman, Marion grew up in a very well-to-do family.  Their apartment was very close to the Kaiser’s palace and they could see Hitler making his speeches from their balcony.   Although her father was reluctant to consider leaving Germany, her mother had feared the worst with Hitler coming into power and in Marion’s words “she saw the writing on the wall.”  Due to her insistence, they managed to secretly squirrel away enough money over the course of four years or so to ultimately obtain visas for their family and leave Germany. 
So, in 1939 they set sail for San Francisco to begin a new life in America.  There the whole family struggled to learn English and start over.  Her parents started a business (from their garage) like the one they had in Germany — wholesale hosiery and knitted goods.  They worked long hours in order to keep the family afloat and were often away from home for the entire workweek.  From the age of 14, Marion often took care of her brother, supervising his homework while doing her own and maintaining “all A’s except for one B in English my first term”!  She also contributed to the family business by helping fill orders when needed and doing the bookkeeping for it on Sundays. 
When she was 15 she began working at The Emporium on Saturdays and vacations to begin saving for college.  She worked her way through college and received a B.S. in biochemistry from UC Berkeley during World War II.  After graduating from college she worked for a hospital laboratory in her chosen field in San Francisco.   At the tender age of 21, Marion needed to have a hysterectomy due to uterine cancer.  In her words, she was “lucky to survive it but she never could have any children.”  She married Kenneth Bacciocco in 1949 but they eventually divorced. 
Marion joined the family business in the mid-1950s and soon discovered that she greatly enjoyed it due to the constant contact with so many people that her new job entailed.  She remained there until the business closed in 1987.   Ever a travel lover, Marion went back to school in 1984 (at the age of 60) to take a course in tourism.  After retirement, she worked as an escort for travel club groups going on cruises and later as a hostess on one of the cruise lines so that she could continue her globetrotting adventures. She traveled to many countries during her life but her very favorite place was Bali.  Marion also loved to dance and she was quite good at it. She loved penguins! 
Marion was a member of Temple Emanu-El in SF.  She and her brother Werner always remained very close and they lived together in Daly City for the past decade.  He preceded her in death in December 2015.   Marion missed him terribly and died almost a year to that date, on December 27th.  Marion will be greatly missed by many dear cousins and beloved friends — but we will always remember her joie de vivre, her razor-sharp mind and wit and her indomitable spirit.  
Many thanks to Hospice By-the-Bay and Roxana Family Home Care for the amazing care they provided toward the end of her life.  A private Celebration of Life service will be held in February.  Donations in her memory can be made to any of her favorite charities: Planned Parenthood, National Wildlife Federation, Habitat for Humanity, Jewish Organizations, American Cancer Soc., Paralyzed Vets, Hospice Support or Parkinson’s Disease to name a few.

9-Gdeaths-goldstromKurt Goldstrom
Kurt Goldstrom was quite a man. He died on November 22, 2016 peacefully in his sleep. He was 103. “No aches, no pains” to quote him. He was a quiet dignified man with a sly sense of humor.
He was born in Berlin, Germany to David and Lucy (Wolff) and fled from Germany with his older brother, Manfred (Lucy) and came to this country when he was 20 in 1934. He met and married Paula (Klein) just before he was drafted into the Army. He was an anaplastologist (maker of plastic eyes for wounded veterans at the VA) for 33 years and loved every second of it.
Kurt and Paula traveled to different parts of the world and they entertained in their home. They were very active in Women’s American ORT.
He loved his harmonica that he played nearly to the time of his death. He would jam downstairs at the Vi in Assisted Living with whomever was playing that day.
Kurt is survived by his son, Foster, and daughter, Leslie (Henry Babson), grandchildren Michael and Chantal, (James Euringer), Blake and Derek Babson (Bridget) and great granddaughter, Lila. His wife, Paula, whom he loved till the day he died, preceded him in death in 2005.

In lieu of flowers donations may be made to Grundy Community Volunteer Hospice or ORT. A memorial service will be held at The Vi in Palo Alto on February 25, 2017 in the University Room from 2-4pm.