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(Is it) Good for the Jews?, episode #132

On this week’s “(Is it) Good for the Jews?” podcast: Rosen’s in a bad mood, but don’t let that stop you from joining the boys as they tackle the important issues of the day. After they wade through psychosomatic illnesses and the root causes of local transit failure, Rosen and Goldbrener discuss the results of a Pew Research Report measuring “warmth” toward (or from?) Jews, then dive into one of the more controversial topics in the “(Is it) Good for the Jews?” universe, namely:

Is the one-state solution good for the Jews?

A spirited debate has followed the revelation that the present U.S. president “is fine either way.” Is a one-state solution preferable to the two-state solution? Is it even feasible? Is the two-state a “sacred cow”? Follow the boys as they travel the familiar roller coaster of Middle East politics from the relative safety of the Twilight Lounge.