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(Is it) Good for the Jews?, episode #130

On this week’s “(Is it) Good for the Jews?” podcast: Fueled by burritos, the boys settle into the Twilight Lounge to speak of automotive break-ins, hippie mints, far-flung western wear stores and jugglers who set up shop in crosswalks before segueing to Texan mensches, probable cause in cases of arson and, finally, encouraging tales of female Palestinian race car drivers.

On to the main event:

Is ignoring the Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day good for the Jews?

Is it possible to know exactly why the new POTUS deliberately omitted any mention of Jews in his International Holocaust Remembrance Day statement? Perhaps not, but it is possible to take issue with leaving us out, especially since the stated purpose of the “Final Solution” was to eliminate all Jews.

The short answer to this question is “no.”