South Bay Muslims visit Moldaw seniors

Zoaib Rangwala of San Jose mosque and Moldaw resident Janice Weinman

Moldaw Residences, part of Palo Alto’s Taube-Koret Campus for Jewish Life, hosted representatives from two South Bay mosques, Palo Alto’s Majid and San Jose’s Anjuman-e-Jamali. The event, held late last month, followed a November meeting when the residents visited Majid for a conversation on American Muslims.

“We wanted to have the opportunity to stand together and show the world our differences do not define our relationships,” said Moldaw resident Lynn Rosenstock in a statement.

The visit included opportunities for heart-to-heart conversations over lunch, coffee and cake. 

“Gathering together … was yet another step in building the relationship between our two communities,” said Zoaib Rangwala, secretary of Anjuman-e-Jamali. “We plan to continue such events and involve more people from both sides to further engage and interact so that we may strengthen this relationship.