Jewish Home of Bulgaria learns from S.F.

The staff at the Jewish Home of San Francisco last month welcomed representatives from the Jewish Home of Sofia, Bulgaria, giving the visitors a three-day tour of their facility and offering ways to enhance programming, policies and revenue.

Daniel Ruth, in his 14th year as president and CEO of the San Francisco nursing home and care facility, met with the three visitors Oct. 21-23 and introduced them to various staff members.

“This was not only a way for them to identify potential business opportunities and close the gap between revenue and expenses, but it became a much broader learning opportunity in terms of policies and procedures,” Ruth said.

With only 2,200 Jews in Bulgaria, according to the World Jewish Congress, the Jewish Home in Sofia struggles to sustain maximum occupancy and hit revenue targets. With just 33 beds, the 15-year-old facility is much smaller than its 144-year-old San Francisco counterpart, which serves around 1,800 patients and residents a year on a nine-acre campus.

“We showed them ways they could do more promotion, sales and marketing to get their name better known in the community,” Ruth said. “There was a real focus on their primary goal: sustainability.”

Ruth said the visiting Bulgarians were a big hit, saying they “captured the hearts of our staff. It was great for us to step back and meet people who help you remember why you got into this business in the first place.” — dan pine