Warsaw to restore Jewish tombstones used in construction

The city of Warsaw has agreed to return and preserve 1,000 Jewish headstones that were used to construct a recreational facility inside one of the city’s parks.

The headstones will be returned to the Brodno Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw, according to an Aug. 15 statement by From the Depths, the international commemoration nonprofit that led talks on the subject with city officials.

The city allocated a budget of $180,000 for the project, according to Jonny Daniels, the U.K.-born, Israel-based founder of From the Depths.

Countless sites across Poland used Jewish tombstones as construction material, according to Daniels, whose group earlier this year brought dozens of Israeli lawmakers to a meeting with counterparts from Poland and other countries.

From the Depths aims to restore an estimated one million gravestones hidden in buildings and urban spaces.  — jta