Anti-Semitic flier at Jewish-owned shop in Los Angeles

A Jewish storeowner in Los Angeles found an anti-Semitic flier slipped under his door.

The flier, adorned with swastikas, the words “Wanted” and “Warning,” and a handwritten rant, were left at the Westwood store on Aug. 12, according to a report by CBS 2 News in Los Angeles.

The text of the flier featured numerous misspellings and addressed seemingly disparate topics including O.J. Simpson, Regis Philbin, air pollution and weather patterns.

The storeowner, who declined to be identified, notified Boruch Cunin, a local Chabad rabbi, of the discovery.

CBS 2 noted that the flier resembled  anti-Semitic leaflets found in two other Los Angeles neighborhoods in June. Those leaflets also bore swastikas, the word “Warning” and handwritten screeds. — jta