Hamas orders foreign journalists in Gaza to follow its new rules

Hamas ordered foreign journalists working in the Gaza Strip to hold press cards issued by the Hamas press office, evoking a strong protest from the Foreign Press Association.

Journalists must provide the Hamas press office with information about their Palestinian translators and assistants, and the address where they will be staying, according to the directives issued Aug. 10. The new rules are to help with “facilitating and organizing the mission of our foreign colleagues,” the Hamas press office said, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Journalists who do not meet the requirements will not be permitted to work in Gaza, the press office said.

The Foreign Press Association on Aug. 11 protested “in the strongest terms the blatant, incessant, forceful and unorthodox methods employed by the Hamas authorities and their representatives against visiting international journalists in Gaza over the past month.”

The association said some foreign reporters working in Gaza have been “harassed, threatened or questioned over stories or information they have reported through their news media or by means of social media.” — jta