Annual mensch calendar looking for Jewish singles

Are you Jewish, living in the Bay Area and — much to your mother’s chagrin — still unmarried? Now is your chance to help a good cause, get your picture in a wall calendar and quiet down Mom … at least for a few minutes, anyway.

April 2014 mensches Eric Tuvel and Dena Goldberg

Organizers of the Mensch of the Month charity calendar are looking for local Jewish singles to pose for their 2015 calendar. Founded in 2011, the calendar used to feature only men, but last year the application process was opened up to all genders and orientations.

“I think it has been more successful and fun with women and men,” said calendar co-founder Dana Hall, who works on the project with Lauren Zabel. “Since going coed, events like launch parties and date auctions have been more successful.”

The 12-month calendar includes photos of Bay Area Jewish singles who have upstanding character, and the initial coed version for 2014 had one male and one female pictured with each month. The calendar’s tagline is “Chosen but not taken.”

Last year, 300 copies of the calendar were sold, and over the years, more than $10,000 has been raised for SMART, a San Francisco educational nonprofit.  

The theme for the pictures in the 2015 calendar is being described as “meet cute.” An example, Hall said, would be two people bumping into each other with papers flying this way and that. “We have a professional photographer who also works in film, so the quality will be delightful,” she added.

Each month’s photo is accompanied by the mensches’ first names and personality tidbits. Readers can contact a mensch — remember, they are “chosen but not taken” — through an email system.

To meet the criteria for the 2015 calendar, applicants must not only be Jewish and single, but also doing good work locally or globally. And, stressed Hall, “Our idea of good work is really flexible.”

If you think you fit the bill, or want to nominate someone, apply online by sundown June 6. For more information, visit To stay in touch with any developments, look for Mensch of the Month on Facebook. — j. staff