Jewish leader blasts silence on Berlin attack

A Jewish leader in Germany called for lawmakers to publicly condemn an anti-Semitic attack that occurred in Berlin.

Deidre Berger, head of the American Jewish Committee office in Berlin, said in a statement April 28 that it is unacceptable that no politicians have publicly responded to the April 25 incident, in which a 31-year-old Israeli man living in Berlin was encircled and beaten outside his apartment by six young men who identified themselves as Palestinians.

“Especially today, on Yom HaShoah, it has to be made clear that anti-Semitism and violent hatred can have no place in this society,” Berger said, adding that she trusted the Berlin police “to do everything possible to identify the perpetrators as soon as possible.”

Berger added that programs that combat anti-Semitism among youth of Arab and Turkish background must be given support. — jta