Home & garden | From floor to fixtures: spring design trends

Spring is a good time to spruce up the home, and the trends this season take a fresh approach to design. Here are a few:


More homeowners are seeking the beauty, comfort and safety that carpet provides, making it a top flooring trend for spring 2014 and beyond. What types of carpet are popular?

Taupe and apple green tones warm up a room for spring. photo/brandpoint media

“New soft fibers,” says Vickie Gilstrap, director of design services for the Dixie Group, a top U.S. carpet manufacturer. “Consumers went away from wall-to-wall carpet, as hard surface flooring gained in popularity. Then, people began to miss the softness and warmth of carpet. Carpet absorbs sound, making homes quieter, and traps dust at the base of the carpet fibers so that dust doesn’t circulate in the room air.”

She is also seeing increased interest in “mixed-media” carpet styles — with high- and low-luster yarns used in the same carpet. Additionally, patterns are being featured on top of texture, giving a multidimensional appearance to flooring. For more information, visit the Carpet and Rug Institute at www.carpet-rug.org.


“Colors are getting warmer,” notes Gilstrap. “Taupe is the bridge color taking us from gray to browner tones. Warm pinks are returning, as well as warmer greens like moss and olive — even apple.”

Keep in mind adding personality to a space through use of warm color doesn’t necessarily require a complete interior overhaul. Consider incorporating spring colors by using accent pieces. It’s easy to switch pillows, throws or artwork without investing a lot of time or money. Plus it’s a fun way to update the personality of your favorite spaces every season.

Texture and pattern

Strategic use of texture and patterns can highlight interior spaces, manipulate the light within the room and influence the scale.

“Layering of pattern and texture — in floors, walls, upholstery, window treatments — gives a more individualized feel,” says Gilstrap. Afraid of mixing patterns and textures? She suggests placing patterns on stairs or in hallways. If big and bold patterns aren’t your taste, consider sticking to small, neutral patterns that can be a subtle way to add visual interest and design complexity to interior spaces.


Adjusting the task lighting within a room can instantly make the space more livable and highlight the design motif. Another easy lighting update is purchasing new lamps or simply adding new shades to existing lamps — a great way to refresh a space at minimal cost.

When selecting fixtures, there’s no longer a need to avoid gold tones. “Gold is coming back,” Gilstrap says. “We are seeing more gold and copper and less silver.”

Want to really redefine your home’s lighting? Ornamental lighting is big this year with designers thinking outside the box when it comes to how and where these fixtures can be used. For example, dramatic chandeliers are no longer reserved for formal spaces such as the dining room or foyer. This spring, you can add a touch of elegance to any space by adding a stylish chandelier. Bedrooms, basements and bars are just a few areas to feature a chandelier. — brandpoint media