Moroccan group outs friends of Israel

An anti-Israel organization in Morocco published a list of people and institutions it accuses of collaborating with the Jewish state.

The Moroccan Observatory against Normalization with Israel published the list last week in its annual report for 2013, the news site reported.

Among the people named were Andre Azoulay, a Moroccan Jew and adviser to the king, Mohammed VI; Driss El Yazami, chairman of the National Human Rights Council; businessman Gabriel Banon; and Ibrahim el Fassi Fihri, founder of the Amadeus student exchange program.

They were listed for visiting Israel or working to further cooperation with the country, according to the report. Some of the individuals listed were identified as “symbols of the Zionist infiltration into Morocco.”

The observatory is described as an umbrella body representing groups and individuals who are working to end ties between Israel and Morocco, one of the Arab world’s countries most friendly to Israel.

The group was established last year when five political parties, including the Islamist ruling party, jointly sponsored two bills to make it illegal to trade with Israeli entities. At least one bill proposes to make it illegal for Israelis to enter Morocco, according Ya Biladi, a Moroccan daily newspaper.

Some 250,000 Moroccan Jews left the country in the 19 years following Israel’s establishment in 1948. — jta