Passover Food | G-dcast app lets users have Passover photo fun

G-dcast has released a new app that allows smartphone and tablet users to add Passover-themed “shtickers” to a new or existing photo. The aptly named “Shticker” is available for free download on  iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads.

“Shtickers” can be placed on your photos.

“Shticker,” launched right before Purim, has been updated with fun images specific to Passover, such as matzah, a seder plate, and baseball caps that read “Wise Son,” “Wicked Son,” “Simple Son” and “What?” There are also colorful Jewish stars, kippahs and Hebrew phrases.

Users can take a photo with the app or select a photo from their gallery, and add assorted “shtickers,” which can be moved around and resized. The blinged-out photos can then be emailed, uploaded to social media or simply saved.

G-dcast, an S.F.-based Jewish new media production company, will be updating the app with new “shtickers” for other Jewish holidays.

Download the app at or find in Apple’s iTunes store.

In addition, G-dcast has several other Passover-related offerings: a new interactive app titled “Exodus” and geared toward the K-2 crowd (it involves a scavenger hunt and helping the Israelites pack items as they flee Egypt); a previous app titled “Let’s Get Ready for Passover”; and a video short, “The Passover Seder: With the Four Sons.” For more information, visit