OHDS to help with commuting costs

To help with the cost of commuting from across the bay, Oakland Hebrew Day School announced recently that it will begin offering a two-year, $5,000 tuition assistance grant to families from San Francisco and Marin County that send at least one child to OHDS.

An anonymous donor is funding the grant, which will begin for the 2014-15 school year. The money can be used by families to offset bridge tolls, gasoline, auto wear and tear, BART and bus fares, and other costs that come with getting their kids to and from the OHDS campus in the Oakland Hills.

According to Rabbi Ari Leubitz, head of school, OHDS currently has six families from San Francisco and Marin with students at the school. Total enrollment is 150.

“Every year there is a growing number of families around the Bay Area looking for top-notch Jewish education,” Leubitz said. “However, there can be many challenges. The distance between [San Francisco] and here is great.”

The rabbi added that if enrollment from across the bay hits a “tipping point,” the school would consider starting its own carpool or vanpool service.

For more information on OHDS and its travel subsidy, contact admissions director Philippa Lichterman at (510) 531-8600 ext. 12.