Swastika appears on flier in Oakland

Fliers depicting a swastika drawn on the forehead of Oakland councilwoman Libby Schaaf were posted in the city’s Montclair district over the weekend.

The fliers showed a picture of Schaaf and the words “Stop Schaaf. Stop the DAC,” referring to a city plan to build a one-stop surveillance hub (domain awareness center) for police and firefighters.

Schaaf, an Oakland native who is running for mayor this year, told J. she was not raised Jewish and does not attend synagogue, but “I am of Jewish heritage, and it is a heritage of which I am very proud.”

Most of the fliers were attached to light and traffic poles. “Citizens scraped the offending images away relatively promptly,” Schaaf noted.

“I am very sorry that I or my candidacy was used in any way as a vehicle for subjecting people to this shameful image of hatred and genocide,” she added.

Oakland police are investigating who was behind the fliers, but it is not clear whether the case is being treated as a possible hate crime.

Schaaf said she was surprised she was targeted, because she has expressed concerns about the surveillance hub, which critics worry will threaten privacy. Proponents say it will improve emergency response efforts. — j. staff & ap