For up-and-coming Israeli artist Tal Peleg, the eyes have it

Katy Perry gave Tal Peleg a huge boost by tweeting this design.

The eye has long been a recurring motif in art, from Edvard Munch, Rene Magritte and Leonardo da Vinci’s famous paintings featuring the eye to the popular eye-portraits of late-18th century Great Britain.

Today, eye art has a totally new meaning thanks to an Israeli makeup artist from Kfar Hayarok, just outside Tel Aviv.

Tal Peleg had no idea that her miniature drawings would trigger a new worldwide movement that is gaining momentum.

She started using her eyes as a canvas on a whim, nearly three years ago, and launched a blog on which to upload her amazing designs. Feedback was positive, so she also opened a Facebook page — but only in Hebrew because, as she says, “I had no idea my art would go viral.”

Was she off the mark. Type “eye art” into any search engine and Peleg’s name will pop up near the top.

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