Emanu-El family seeks kidney donor for son

Simon Meyer, an 18-year-old whose family belongs to Congregation Emanu-El in San Francisco, is in need of a kidney transplant.

Diagnosed with total renal failure at 9, Simon had a kidney transplant from his mother in 2004 at age 10. However, within a year he developed lymphoma and sustained a viral attack that damaged his new kidney.

Simon Meyer

Now, nine years later, his dwindling kidney function has left him fatigued and saddled with dangerous blood chemistry. His “health continues to decline,” his family noted in an online journal entry.

An appeal last year failed to generate a match from a living donor, so the family has relaunched its efforts. “He wishes only to return to high school next fall [after being forced to stay home this year] — healthy enough to complete his senior year,” the family wrote. They also noted that he has completed three years of honors-level work at Drew High School in San Francisco and that he volunteers for two local science programs.

The family is looking for a donor between the ages of 25 and 50 with Type A or Type O blood. All medical expenses will be covered by Simon’s insurance, the family noted.

For more information, call Danny Meyer at (415) 205-7083 or email themeyerfamily@mac.com. There are additional details at http://m.caringbridge.org/visit/SimonMeyer/mystory.