Group complains that U.C. Davis protesters abused Jewish students

The pro-Israel group AMCHA Initiative claimed this week that Jewish students at U.C. Davis were abused and threatened at a pro-Palestinian protest on campus in November.

In a letter sent Jan. 28 to U.C. Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi and copied to U.C. President Mark Yudof, AMCHA Initiative co-founders Tammi Rossman-Benjamin and Leila Beckwith alleged that demonstrators carrying “death to Zionism” placards occupied Dutton Hall, an administration building, on Nov. 19 and harassed pro-Israel students. Rossman-Benjamin is a lecturer at U.C. Santa Cruz.

The organization released a video showing protesters comparing Zionism to Nazism and telling supporters of Israel to leave.

“We are deeply concerned about the virulent and hate-filled actions taking place on the U.C. Davis campus as a result of students’ religion and beliefs,” Beckwith and Rossman-Benjamin wrote to Katehi. Beckwith is a professor emeritus at UCLA.

According to the letter, several U.C. Davis faculty members were present at the event but did not intervene. The university said this week it was investigating the claims. — jta