Supermodels tweet causes a stir

A new Facebook group is calling on the Israeli public to boycott the “Cinderella” show starring Bar Refaeli, following a controversial tweet posted by the supermodel during the Israeli operation in Gaza.

“I pray for the safety of citizens on both sides and for the day we will live in peace and harmony. Amen,” Refaeli wrote on her Twitter page.

Israeli followers, disappointed by the supermodel’s call for world peace, chose to slam and tease her on the social networks.

Israeli celebrities rushed to attack or defend Refaeli. Rapper Yoav Eliasi, commonly known as “The Shadow,” wrote on Facebook: “Stop trying to appear sensitive and humane; you just come out looking like a phony and a hypocrite.”

On the other side, journalist Dana Spector tweeted: “I’m concerned about this stupid attack on Bar Refaeli. Like a mob looking for someone to hate.”

Refaeli, who disappointed many by renouncing her role as Israel’s patriotic ambassador, posted another tweet on Nov. 19, writing: “Good morning. I’m still trying to focus on what is important, supporting the residents of the south and our brave soldiers! And, God forbid, still praying for the well being of innocent civilians.”

But the angry followers did not let go, opening a Facebook group calling for a boycott on Refaeli’s Hanukkah show, “Cinderella.” —