A hands-on lesson with their feet

OHDS fourth-graders (from left) Max Bamberger, Paul Leibovitch and Jacob Leider

When Oakland Hebrew Day School invited Jonathan Hajdu to teach students about kosher wine last week, the 33-year-old kosher winemaker decided to take his lesson to the next level — and out of the classroom.

So on the morning of Oct. 25, a dozen OHDS fourth-graders got to go outside, take off their shoes and stomp on about 1,000 pounds of grapes that Hajdu had hauled up the hill in a plastic container in the back of a pickup truck.

Hajdu, an Oakland resident and associate winemaker for Covenant Wines in Napa Valley, taught the kids about what makes a wine kosher, and why it needs to be kosher. Learning about kashrut is part of the fourth-grade curriculum, said Dan Cohen, OHDS board chairman.

Gabriella Ross

Hajdu also makes his own kosher wines under the Brobdingnagian label. “Kosher wine dates back to Temple days,” Cohen noted. “People like Jon are just making sure it tastes awesome.”