Laughing out loud

A rabbi recounted this story:

With all the instant messaging and texting lingo going around — with abbreviations like “LOL” and “OMG” and “WTF” — I asked a young lady if she would be going to shul this Shabbat, and she replied to me “JFK.”

JFK? What did that mean, I asked her.

And she said, are you ready for this: “Just for Kiddush.”


Twice as many

Morris and Danny, two up-and-coming authors, were always bragging how well each was doing. They met up again at a Jewish Book Month event a little while ago and Morris says, “So, Danny boy, how are you doing? Are your books selling well?”

“Oh yes, Mo, they definitely are,” replies Danny, boasting. “Since we last met, my number of readers has doubled.”

“Mazel tov, Danny,” says Morris. “You didn’t tell me that you got married.”

© david minkoff

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