Tighter security at French Jewish sites after blanks fired at synagogue

France is boosting security at Jewish religious sites after blank bullets were fired on a synagogue west of Paris on Oct. 6, Israel Hayom reported.

French President Francois Hollande met Oct. 7 with leaders of the country’s Jewish community and pledged to fight extremism and anti-Semitism “with the greatest firmness.” He said authorities would increase security at Jewish religious sites.

The attack came hours after police carried out raids across France against suspected Islamist cells, killing a suspected member of one “extremely dangerous” cell in Strasbourg after he fired on officers during a raid.

On Oct. 9, French police found an explosives lab they said jihadists used in the Sept. 18 bombing of a kosher store in Sarcelles, another Paris suburb. Two men threw an explosive device into the shop, injuring one.

A representative of the synagogue attacked in the Paris suburb of Argenteuil said the building was targeted with about eight blank bullets. No one was hurt, but services were canceled.

According to preliminary witness statements, the shots came from a car that slowed as it approached the synagogue before accelerating and fleeing the scene.

Board of Jewish Communities in Val-d’Oise Chairman Moshe Cohen-Sabban told Le Parisien, “This was an act that was more against the Jewish community. This is very worrying.” — jns.org & jta