Spotlight on Education: Kehillah a high school that students love

Not all students can say that they truly enjoy their four years in high school. At Kehillah Jewish High School, however, joy seems to be part of the curriculum.

Says the parent of a freshman in the Class of 2015:

“We could not imagine how meaningful a year in school could be until we saw how much our son enjoyed Kehillah. Each weekend, he couldn’t wait for Monday. We have four kids, and I can tell you this is very rare. The teachers were inspirational and taught our son the joy of knowledge, inflamed his curiosity and empowered him as a person. Some people go through life without even meeting one such person, and for our son to have several during one year is very fortunate. You have some magic at Kehillah.”

A graduating senior in the Class of 2012 agrees:

“I transferred from public school my junior year. At first, I was very scared about switching schools halfway through high school, but a week into my junior year, I already felt at home at Kehillah. Kehillah has helped me to reconnect with my love of learning, something I had not felt since I started high school.”

At 160 students, Kehillah Jewish High School welcomes the full diversity of the Silicon Valley’s Jewish and non-Jewish community. Course offerings include regular, honors and AP-level courses, a full array of visual and performing arts, world languages and Jewish Studies. All students receive memberships to the Oshman Family JCC across the street.

Kehillah’s first seven graduating classes have been accepted to more than 180 colleges and universities, including every University of California campus, Stanford, Yale, Harvard and Princeton. Every student receives one-on-one, personalized college counseling.

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