Spotlight on Education: Four-year scholarships IU Jewish Studies students

The Robert A. and Sandra S. Borns Jewish Studies Program at Indiana University is one of the major Jewish Studies programs in the country. With its large and highly accomplished faculty (25 faculty members drawn from 12 departments and enhanced by six endowed faculty chairs); its diverse and attractive course offerings (more than 50 courses a year with enrollments of more than 1,600); its focus on education inside and outside the classroom; and its long-running junior year program at Hebrew University, Indiana University has come to be a university chosen by top high school students and leaders because of the excellence and vibrancy of its Borns Jewish Studies Program.

Nestled within a major research university, the program offers an intimate learning environment with the type of personal attention normally associated with a small liberal arts college. The Indiana University Jewish Studies Program offers extensive scholarships, prizes and internships that help to make a Jewish Studies education affordable. More than $70,000 was awarded to incoming freshmen in fall 2012, and all Jewish Studies students — majors, Jewish sacred music students, certificate students and Hebrew minor students — are eligible to apply for scholarships and conference funding on an annual basis.

Indiana University Jewish Studies is unique in its wide array of extracurricular activities sponsored by the program; its active Jewish Studies Student Association and Jewish Studies Graduate Student Association; career counseling and support; and internships. What may be the greatest benefit of all for our students is the opportunity to be part of a community with other bright and highly motivated students from around the U.S.

To pursue Jewish Studies at IU is to be part of a comprehensive and unusually caring program of studies, carefully built over four decades. There are few places that offer the range of intellectual, cultural, social and professional opportunities in Jewish Studies that IU can.

For information about applications for incoming freshmen scholarships (deadline Jan. 25, 2013), master’s degree program/fellowship applications — see our website at graduates/funding.shtml.