Spotlight on Education: College Preparatory emphasizes intellectual curiosity and character

The College Preparatory School is an independent co-educational day school, grades 9-12, in Oakland, for intellectual risk-takers who want to pursue a serious, purposeful education with others who feel the same way.

Our mission is to prepare our students for productive, ethical lives in college and beyond through a challenging and stimulating education in an atmosphere of consideration, trust and mutual responsibility.

All of the programs at the school encourage students to develop creativity, intellectual curiosity, independent thought and ethical sensitivity and behavior.

Within all kinds of classrooms and performing groups, through team activities and in-service projects, teachers create opportunities for students to explore and extend their abilities, freely test ideas, questions assumptions, grapple with ethical issues, and acquire all the skills required for lifelong learning and positive citizenship.

College Prep faculty have earned outstanding reputations for mastery of their subjects and for gifted classroom teaching. 82 percent hold advanced degrees. The average academic class size is 13.1, allowing teachers and students to know one another as learners and to work closely together. Our teachers and students delight in learning — and in one another.

Every year, our reputation for high standards of scholarship and character — and our culture of warm acceptance — attracts students from all over the Bay Area. Our student body reflects broad racial, ethnic and economic diversity, as well as diversity of interests and talents.

The average size of an entering class is 90 students. As we assemble each year’s class, we seek students who will not only benefit from our excellent academics, but also make positive contributions to our community. Each new College Prep class boasts writers, math and science enthusiasts, athletes, artists, history buffs, linguists, debaters and those who are open to discovering their passions.