U.S. presses Europe to reject P.A. bid

The United States reportedly is applying diplomatic pressure on European Union governments not to support the Palestinian Authority’s bid for upgraded status at the United Nations.
According to an Oct. 2 report in the Guardian, Washington warned the bloc’s member-nations against supporting the P.A.’s bid, saying such a move “would be extremely counterproductive” and would lead to “significant negative consequences” for the Palestinian Authority, including financial sanctions.
The report, based on an internal administration memorandum, said the U.S. position is that “Palestinian statehood can only be achieved via direct negotiations with the Israelis.”
According to the Guardian, E.U. officials received the communiqué last week while in New York attending the U.N. General Assembly, which concluded on Oct. 2.
Unlike its failed statehood bid at the U.N.’s Security Council in 2011, Palestinian officials this time plan to seek upgraded “nonmember state” status from the General Assembly, where analysts believe they enjoy wide support.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he will hold off on presenting the bid until after the U.S. presidential
election. — ynetnews.com