Pro-Palestinian group sues Rutgers over Gaza blockade

Supporters of a pro-Palestinian student group at Rutgers University are suing the New Jersey college, saying it froze funds the group had raised in its efforts to end the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Manijeh Saba, an Iranian-born Rutgers alumna and lecturer, and Larry Romsted, a chemistry professor, filed the class-action complaint on behalf of the 250 people who attended a fundraiser by Baka: Students United for Middle Eastern Justice in November 2010. The “U.S. Boat to Gaza” event brought in $3,345 for an international protest of the blockade.

The suit was filed in U.S. District Court against the university, its executives and governing bodies.

Baka used student activity fees to sponsor the event, according to the Bergen County Record. The funds have yet to be distributed, according to Baka.

The group’s website says the university has not released the money due to pressure from Hillel and other groups. Posted is a letter from the Rutgers Hillel expressing “great concern” over the flotilla fundraiser. — jta