Film on Jewish mans interracial passions to hit Dutch cinemas

A film about a Jewish man’s sexual obsession with black women is set to receive one of the biggest movie premieres in the history of Dutch cinematography.

The feature film “Alleen maar Nette Mensen” (“Only Decent People”) will premiere on Oct. 10 in 12 cities across the Netherlands, according to the entertainment news site Nu.

The screenings will feature live performances, and one Amsterdam cinema will hold a Q&A session with Robert Vuijsje, the Jewish author of the bestseller novel upon which the film was based.

The book, published in 2008, is about 21-year-old David Samuels’ exasperation with his affluent Jewish family and friends in Amsterdam. It follows his quest in the U.S. and elsewhere for a black lover who is both “authentic” and intellectual.  

The novel has won two major national book prizes and sold over 100,000 copies.

In October, the cast will travel to Suriname, a predominantly black ex-colony of the Netherlands in South America, to attend the film premiere there. — jta