Apples new OS doesnt connect Jerusalem to Israel

Since Apple unveiled its new iOS6 operating system on Sept. 19, complaints have been pouring in about problems with Apple Maps, its highly touted mapping feature.

Along with confusing street directions in various world cities, the mapping feature — as well as Apple’s world clock function, which tells the time in key cities — neglects to list Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

According to screenshots published in the online Jewish newspaper Algemeiner, Apple’s Middle East map shows Beirut as the capital of Lebanon and Amman as the capital of Jordan, but does not list any capital city within Israel. Israel is the only country with no capital city named.

The clock feature lists the time in Jerusalem, but does not indicate the country where Jerusalem is located. On the list between Jayapura, Indonesia, and Johannesburg, South Africa, comes the word “Jerusalem” with no affiliated country.

Apple may have taken its cues from the U.S. passport agency, which does not acknowledge Israel as the birthplace of Americans born in Jerusalem — not without a Supreme Court order, that is. — j. staff