In praise of kidney transplant work

David Jacobs, thank you so much for your passion in this area (“Kidney transplant recipient designs software that saves lives,” Sept. 7). I was a non-designated living donor who ended up being the “domino” that allowed eight people to receive new kidneys — Northwestern Hospital’s largest kidney pairing ever.

Now my spare time is spent mentoring those who are interested in donating, and recipients. There are downsides, such as not being able to obtain health insurance; donating a kidney is considered a pre-existing condition, which makes no sense at all since one in 750 people are born with one kidney and don’t even know it.

A transplant from a living donor is the best possible scenario for a recipient. It’s the only way to reduce the waiting list. The frustrating part is how many people need a kidney and have not been educated on their options. Many think that if their spouse, loved one or friend is not a perfect match, that’s the end of it.

But it’s not! This is where information about kidney pairing is so vital.

I know and respect that donating a kidney is not everyone’s passion. But I firmly believe that living donors are the only way to reduce the waiting list.

Cara Yesawich   |   Chicago



ADL can help in matters of security

Your article highlighting the necessity of security awareness at Jewish institutions (“Homeland Security runs drills with Jewish leaders,” Sept. 14) was timely and commendable.

The Anti-Defamation League provides a full suite of Jewish communal security resources and services throughout Northern California. Protecting Your Jewish Institution, our comprehensive security manual (available for free at www.adl.org/security) guides Jewish institutions of all types and sizes in making prudent and manageable security decisions.

In addition, we assist individual institutions in the security planning process, help them develop relationships with law enforcement, and provide security advisories and alerts as fast-breaking circumstances demand.

In the last month, ADL professionals convened and/or presented at three separate Jewish community security briefings throughout the Bay Area. We encourage all Jewish institutions to consider ADL their partner in any security-related matter.

Eric Horodas   |   Oakland

Chair, ADL Central Pacific Region


Boxer hits a ‘new low’

Sen. Barbara Boxer’s outrageous open letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu was — given her slavish devotion to Barack Obama and insatiable appetite for self-promotion — not surprising.

However, it marked a new low in an undistinguished career marked by unseemly opportunism (high-level nepotism, check-kiting and continual demagoguery).

Obviously, Bibi is trying to save his country from annihilation — yet Boxer claimed Bibi’s criticism was designed to sway voters to switch to Mitt Romney. This is a public servant? More like a cheap hack who thought she could score some quick brownie points with the anti-Israel zealots in her party.

By the way, Boxer’s support for Israel has always been muted, lest she offend so many of her anti-Israel supporters — that is why she was silent on Obama’s land-for-nothing plan, the Democrat party’s anti-Israel platform, or how Obama (aided by his court Jews) tried to scare Israelis into dumping Bibi for the malleable dunderhead Tzipi Livni.

Tod Zuckerman   |   San Francisco


Middle East ‘pipe dream’

In her Sept. 14 letter, Beverly Voloshin correctly stated, “Two states with mutually agreed upon borders and provisions for security: This is our best hope for ending the cycle of violence and the only way for Israel to develop as a democratic and Jewish state.”

Arab incitement against Jews and negation of the Jewish people’s right to nationhood has, unfortunately, made this a pipe dream for now.

You can’t negotiate much with people who want to kill you, except perhaps the timing and the method. Arab Palestinians still teach their young children that Israel has no right to exist and that the only good Jew is a dead one.

Ms. Voloshin’s dream may yet come true, but it certainly won’t happen before this generation’s babies have been taught they must co-exist with Jews rather than murder them.

Desmond Tuck   |   San Mateo


Cartoon not a laugher

When I subscribed to j., it never occurred to me that I would be contributing to the support of the Romney campaign. While Jews are overwhelmingly Democratic in their voting behavior, I think they trust that their community newspaper will be scrupulously non-partisan.

The editorial page cartoon (Sept. 14) lampooning President Obama was a violation of that trust. Numerous critics have observed that Mr. Netanyahu is behaving like a stalking horse for Mr. Romney. J. apparently aims to emulate that behavior.

If I am wrong, j. needs to explain its editorial policy to readers.

Mel Mogulof   |   Berkeley


Editor’s note: J. is scrupulously nonpartisan, as befits a Jewish community publication. Editorial cartoons lampoon the policies and personalities of all parties, depending on the vagaries of current events. n