Israeli takes best actress award at Venice film fest

Israeli actress Hadas Yaron won the Coppa Volpi award for best actress at the 69th Venice Film Festival on Sept. 8. Yaron, 22, won for her role in Rama Burshtein’s film “Fill the Void,” about the ultra-Orthodox community.

The award is a huge achievement for Yaron, whose performance in “Fill the Void” is her first significant role to date. “I’m amazed and excited,” the actress said at the awards ceremony. “You can’t prepare for such a moment. It’s beyond my dreams.”


“Fill the Void” is about a young bride torn between love and familial obligations. The film centers on Shira, an 18-year-old Hassidic girl who is thrilled about her forthcoming arranged marriage with a young man whom she has only briefly seen in a supermarket.

Tragedy strikes when Shira’s older sister Esther dies giving birth, leaving the family crushed by grief.

Esther’s husband, Yochai, is quickly pressed to remarry a widow in Belgium, but the girls’ mother is desperate to keep her only grandchild in the country — and soon Shira is asked to step into her sister’s shoes.

Yaron said that the role taught her “to see people who are different and believe in the power of love.” —